3 min readJun 3, 2021


NFT Trader Provisional Roadmap

With the recent release of our V2 protocol we thought it was a good time to return to the topic and offer more details about our NFT Trader Squads NFTs.

As the NFT industry continues to grow and develop the discussion around utility based NFTs are popping up. There have been many beautiful and amazing NFTs which have been created and launched; however , wouldn’t it be even better if they offered more usefulness or benefits? With that in mind, we created our collection of Trader Squads NFTs with the utility of providing zero trading fees for the owner whenever they conduct a swap on NFT Trader.

You can check them out here:

Our smart contract will be able to handle many NFT collections and we will also be able to edit the supply and/or close the collection. This first NFT Collection release will be Series 1 and will have a Max Supply of only 9999 created. Also the process of minting your NFTs is fully randomized. This means that the rarity and scarcity for each NFT cannot be determined until all NFTs have been minted and that everyone has an equal opportunity to get an ultra rare Trader Squads NFT!

Now we want to answer the question of where will the funds from our NFT sales go?

The funds from the sales of our Trader Squads NFTs will be put back into the NFT Trader ecosystem and development of our planned roadmap.

1. Integration of 2nd layer Polygon Solution

2. Integration of more Dapps

3. Development of token system

4. Cross chain support

To hit each milestone we will allocate the funds in this way:

1. NFT Trader Operations — 25%

This is to support us moving forward and taking our system to the next level with strategic business operations. We are all about building and we hope to create more features around the whole platform including for the Web 3.0 space.

2. Marketing & Rewards — 20%

With the rapid growth of this ecosystem, we need to ramp up the promotion of our project. More community, more trades, more opportunities and… more fun! This portion will be used to market the platform and to establish this network effect of building awareness, fostering growth, and creating partnerships.

3. Community Development & Grants — 25%

We love and appreciate all the support so far from the people who have been involved with our project. We have heard a lot of cool ideas proposed from members of our community and in return because our smart contract is public and verified on the Ethereum network, we want to reward the members of our community who help in this area. We want to build and envision great things happening around our project together

3. Team & Advisors — 20%

This will be going to the members of the team in support of the continued development and production of the NFT Trader protocol.

5. Company Reserve — 10%

You never know what bumps or obstacles you may encounter in life and for us in the development of this product. So we will call this the rainy day fund and used in case of any emergencies.

We believe that community is key in the development of our platform and that is why we want to build NFT Trader together with you and reward our community as we grow!