2 min readJul 12, 2022

NFT Trader V3 Coming!

What’s new NFT Traders! Forgive us for being so incognito since our last update. During this time our team has been surveying the NFT space in order to see how to better the workings of our platform for our users and community. We have been building and advancing the protocol around the insights we have gained and with that being said, we would like to announce that the next version of NFT Trader, v3 is ready to be released! We feel that there is no better time than now in this bearish market to share with the NFT industry this exciting news and to continue pushing the development of our new protocol.

This MAJOR platform update is planned to go out on July 18th and our protocol is revamped in every which way. Starting from the branding to the NFT trading system. Every new feature will not be stand alone but rather each one will be an important part to the puzzle in completing our key objective of developing a secure “social” Web3 marketplace. This new version will be a platform which provides for more user engagement around trades and in a more secure manner, helping to solve trust issues. Furthermore, as an extension of our support for any NFT based projects (ex. pfp,play-to-earn,metaverses, etc.) and other ecosystems, we have developed and now ready to be released, tools such as our trading system SDK. In addition, we plan to be more multi-chained by integrating other EVM compatible chains and will extend our protocol further to other blockchains.

We recognize the reason why preceding stats and numbers about the NFT industry center around one particular marketplace but maybe now because peer-to-peer NFT trading is setting different benchmarks and trending in a unique direction dissimilar to other NFT marketplaces, this is the right time to publish our numbers and for others to follow the metrics of NFT Trader .

These figures help showcase the traction that we have established with our platform in approximately only one year’s time and we hope that by sharing this it will pull NFT Trader out from under the radar, thus validating our influence in the NFT industry.

Total USD trading volume (excluding value of NFT’s) ~ $375M

Total Users: 27,433

Total Trx: 29,213

Top Collections traded: BAYC, Azuki, Doodles, CoolCats, WoW, Sandbox

The details of the important changes that are in store with our v3, to improve security and to make the trading of NFTs more social and engaging are coming up.