NFT Trader V2 Release!

3 min readMay 25, 2021


Well it’s finally come to fruition! We are a team of four and have worked our butts off to get where we are to offer what everyone has been waiting for, our NFT Trader V2 batch swap, launching this Thursday May 27th! Call it what you want, an NFT OTC solution or a direct P2P marketplace, ultimately NFT owners will now be able to swap one to many and many to many of their NFTs, securely and trustlessly.

By providing a safe, open, and easy to use platform, we protect all parties from any risk and fraudulent activities which might otherwise occur when owners are swapping their NFTs privately. You can still perform our standard one-to-one ERC721 p2p NFT swap but now we have upped the ante by handling many other NFTs including the ERC20 and ERC1155 token standards to the mix!


Trustless and secure p2p NFT swapping platform.

A smart contract based acting as a Trusted-Third-Party to secure the swaps.

People send the NFT to a secure Smart Contract managing swaps.

No risk of fraud.

Ability to cancel the swap.

NFT Trader v.1.0 (Batch Swap) direct p2p

Many-to-Many NFTs trading

NFTs-to-Ethereum/ERC20 trading & vice versa

NFTs-to-NFTs + Ethereum/ERC20 trading & vice versa

That’s not all the great news! We have also whitelisted many more popular NFT based decentralized applications from collectibles, gaming, cryptoart, and metaverses (ex.Makers Place, Decentraland, etc.) So why not swap one of your Makersplace Beeple The 5000 Day Selects NFT for some Meebits? Or swap an F1 Delta Time car + ETH for some Sorare NFT & Hashmasks. There are now a multitude of NFT combinations possible for you to trade. If you have a great Dapp which you would like added to the NFT Trader platform please contact us at

As always we like to thank everyone who has supported us along the way in our development so far, particularly the owners who have purchased our utility based NFT Trader Squads.

There are still many rare and ultra rare NFTs in the collection to obtain and for those that still don't know, anyone who owns one of these cute Trader Squads NFTs will never have to pay any trading fees, not including gas fees, when using our V2 batch swap.

Thank you all again, please enjoy using our platform for all your NFT swapping needs in the meantime as there is much more in the works which includes the gamifying of the whole V2 system.

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