NFT Trader Updates

2 min readJul 1, 2021


As development continues updates are always required and for this latest update we have edited and added some requested and 😎 features.

Frontend Bug Fixes:

  1. On the Trade Squads page here the My NFTs category now displays the owners assets correctly. Before the fix it was displaying the NFTs minted from the original address that did so and not the current wallet owner.

2. The Trading Page UX has been improved. Now when you add the counterparty’s wallet address whom you want to trade for, the images of all the erc721 tokens in that wallet will be displayed.

3. A Trade Squads Popup appears in the top of the pages as a reminder for?

NFT Trader Squads Update:

We had a HUGE jump last week in the minting of our utility based Squad NFTs! We were sitting around fifty of our Squads minted since launch but has now shot up to over 300 in the collection of 9999. Our team is excited about this because we see it as a sign that people are starting to understand the importance of the term “utility” for an NFT. There are many ways which an NFT can offer utility depending on how creative the development team is how blockchain technology evolves over time.

A primary agenda for NFT Trader is gamifying our whole trading ecosystem which all begins with our own Squad NFTs. For now, the utility that these NFTs will offer owners are the zero trading fee, excluding the gas, anytime they use the NFT Trader protocol. Many more exciting developments are to come using them and around the full trading system.

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