NFT Trader has launched and is now LIVE on Polygon

It’s been just over a month since the release of our NFT Trader v2 and its been nonstop with many great and valuable NFT trades being secured. Some notables are the OG Cryptopunks swap, the 32 ETH Bored Ape Yacht Club trade, and the super rare Bubble Gum Witty Weasel Veefriends trade!

Until now we have whitelisted many Ethereum NFT based projects but as part of our Roadmap we plan to continue integrating other chains which further support the NFT industry. Seeing lately the rapid growth of many DApps building around Polygon has piqued our interest and because they have been able to solve the issues of scalability and removal or lowering of gas fees we have decided to go with this full-stack scaling solution to start.

In addition, we are all for our community and many have requested to add popular Polygon DApps such as Zed Run and Trade Race Manager to name a few so that they can trade these NFTs, p2p securely using our OTC trading platform. This will not end here with Polygon, as the NFT space grows so will the projects and we will continue to whitelist them onto NFT Trader. We know that we will be filling a much needed service in the Polygon space and as we have helped many NFT owners avoid fraudulent activity through trading in the Ethereum space we strive to be the no.1 provider of this service on Polygon!

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