NFT Trader Game ⚔ Trades — The Sandbox Event

3 min readJul 21, 2021


It’s definitely been an exciting journey so far for the NFT Trader team. Many ups and downs but recently we have been on a high helping many NFT owners secure their trades across many NFT based Dapps. On top of this our Trade Squad NFTs have been on a roll with mints!

NFT Trader is all about the elimination of fraudulent trading in the NFT space but there is another facet in our roadmap which we are going to catapult this week. We call it the Game ⚔ Trades! What is it you ask? Well, we have said many times that we will be going to gamify our whole trading system and this has already begun with the release of our utility based Trade Squad NFTs. The first utility that these NFTs present their owners is the unlimited zero trading fee feature but will not end there and more to come with them.

The Game ⚔ Trades will be an extensive and encompassing layout for all events under this term, bringing in more excitement and fun for NFT owners. We will have our own exclusive NFT Trader events in order to pay it forward to our community of users and also partnering with many DApp communities in order to promote their projects and offer some liquidity for their NFTs and/or ERC 20 tokens through the movement of secured trades.

With that said, we would like to introduce the very 1st Game ⚔ Trades event collaborating with The Sandbox Metaverse! Because this is the start of something a lot bigger we will take it step by step and keep the rules of this event simple for everyone. Basically, the top 10 people who do the most trades or transactions that include any LAND, Sandbox NFTs or $SAND in the period of the campaign will receive prizes!

How it works: This event will be based on a point system, so for anyone who makes a trade using any of the Sandbox assets mentioned will receive a point.

For example:

-A and B swap NFTs that are not related to the Sandbox = 0 points

-A and B swap NFTs, A trades $LAND and B another NFT not related to the Sandbox: Only A gets 1 point

-A and B both swap NFTs related to the Sandbox: Each get 1 point

-A swaps 2 LAND and B swaps 1 $SAND : A gets 2 points and B gets 1 point

What are the prizes? Top 10 people who did most swap or transactions of SAND/NFT in the period of the campaign gets a limited “NFT Trader Squad NFT”

NFT Trader Squads NFTs
  • 1st Place receives 1x1 LAND + 2,500 $SAND
  • 2nd Place receives 2,500 $SAND
  • 3rd Place receives 1x1 LAND

Event ends August 20th at 12pm Pacific and you can follow the running scoreboard here: which will help you track who is in the lead and how far off you are. Don’t miss out on the trading fun and for your chance to win these great prizes!

For those who have not secured any trades so far on our platform please watch the how-to video here:

After watching the video the key points to keep in mind when trading your NFTs.

  1. The initiator of the trade does most of the leg work and the counterparty needs only to close the deal using the secured link that the initiator has sent.
  2. We recommend using Metamask on PC browser as mobile version can be finicky when adding more than one NFT to the trade.
  3. There will be a 0.005 ETH flat fee added per party involved in the trade plus we recommend using the given suggested gas fee.

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