3 min readJan 24, 2023

NFT Trader 🛠💪 for 2023!

2022 was a rollercoaster year for the NFT industry. Initially, there was an influx of excitement as valuations and volumes for these assets soared, however, the following period was marred by reports of fraud and other malicious activities, including stolen assets, “rug pull’s”, and falling market capitalizations. This ultimately resulted in a bearish close for the year. Despite the chaos, this tumultuous period was beneficial for the NFT space in the long run. It enabled the purging and separation of the legitimate and dedicated participants from the bad actors. This cycle also affirmed the yet fragility and volatility of blockchain technology and Web3 markets. Nevertheless, the Web3 movement continues to show its resilience, as it has till now demonstrated its robustness and staying power, with intelligent entrepreneurs addressing complex issues and rising usage globally.

Our team endured the entire 2022 cycle and, while much of the chaos has seem to have calmed down, NFT Trader is still grinding away. Unlike many other NFT marketplaces out there, the numbers we present have never been manipulated or misrepresented and here were our numbers between July-Dec 2022 (3710 trades, $14.52M trading volume, Top 10 collections: MAYC, Azuki, BAYC, Sandbox, RENGA, Otherdeed, CloneXxMurakami, Valhalla, GCG, Beanz. We are confident that we have become even more robust through the unwavering support of our advocates as we continually assist and prioritize the needs of our users, from the Web3 natives to the more mainstream audiences. For instance, navigating platforms and markets offering NFTs connected to crypto communities can be risky and a pain point for those not conversant with the area, because it can be difficult to differentiate between the scams and more dependable operations. NFT Trader is here to target obstacles such as these and make the NFT trading experience as secure and frictionless as possible, which leads us to announce the next major updates coming to our platform for our community of users.

First up in our development cycle will be the transitioning from our proprietary protocol to another established open-source, web3 protocol. It was a difficult decision to make between the continued development of our own protocol, 0xprotocol, and Seaport but after careful deliberation we concluded that Seaport was best engineered for us to properly and comprehensively build upon in order to support our users securely and efficiently trade their NFTs. The transition to Seaport will also reduce the time needed to release new features on our platform and enhance current ones, such as bulk transfers, exchanging tokens, and sending real-time creator fees to name a few. The initial key advantages of integrating Seaport consist of dramatically reduced transaction costs and gas fees, as well as the elimination of the new user initialization fee. Additionally, the protocol will enable us to quickly integrate multi-chains, such as Klaytn, Avalanche, BNB etc. Therefore providing current users immediate access to securely trade peer-to-peer unique NFT collections on these new chains and to bring in current holders of NFT’s from these new chains into the NFT Trader community and ecosystem.

We have another major update to announce coming up so stay tuned as this next important feature will help add that much needed extra layer of security which has always been missing for those collecting and trading web3 digital assets.