NFT Trader Dev Update 11/11/21

2 min readNov 11, 2021


Further developing and growing NFT Trader for our team has been an exciting journey so far. Yes we admit, there have been some small fires along the way but we extinguished soon after they started because what is most important to us is our users and community members. We continue to make the experience for safely trading NFTs as smooth as possible and this leads to our latest updates.

  1. Removal of the query onchain. This means that NFT Trader will now be even FASTER and super SMOOTH. This includes our integration with Polygon.
  2. Addition of new wallets using the Wallet Connect option.
  3. Warning to users for stolen assets. We will not take the initiative or power to block or ban assets or accounts in a space striving for decentralization. Thus, there will be a warning sign on possible fraudulent related NFTs but they will still be tradeable on our platform.

We announced a few weeks ago that our small team has gone full time on NFT Trader and we could not be more happier with this decision! The team is full steam ahead with many more exciting things to come in the release of our V3 and will offer updates as we continue along in it’s development. Thank you to everyone who has used our platform and continue supporting us!