It’s been just over a month since the release of our NFT Trader v2 and its been nonstop with many great and valuable NFT trades being secured. Some notables are the OG Cryptopunks swap, the 32 ETH Bored Ape Yacht Club trade, and the super rare Bubble Gum Witty Weasel Veefriends trade!

Until now we have whitelisted many Ethereum NFT based projects but as part of our Roadmap we plan to continue integrating other chains which further support the NFT industry. …

It’s definitely been an exciting journey so far for the NFT Trader team. Many ups and downs but recently we have been on a high helping many NFT owners secure their trades across many NFT based Dapps. On top of this our Trade Squad NFTs have been on a roll with mints!

NFT Trader is all about the elimination of fraudulent trading in the NFT space but there is another facet in our roadmap which we are going to catapult this week. We call it the Game ⚔ Trades! What is it you ask? Well, we have said many times…

As development continues updates are always required and for this latest update we have edited and added some requested and 😎 features.

Frontend Bug Fixes:

  1. On the Trade Squads page here the My NFTs category now displays the owners assets correctly. Before the fix it was displaying the NFTs minted from the original address that did so and not the current wallet owner.

NFT Trader Provisional Roadmap

With the recent release of our V2 protocol we thought it was a good time to return to the topic and offer more details about our NFT Trader Squads NFTs.

As the NFT industry continues to grow and develop the discussion around utility based NFTs are popping up. There have been many beautiful and amazing NFTs which have been created and launched; however , wouldn’t it be even better if they offered more usefulness or benefits? …

Well it’s finally come to fruition! We are a team of four and have worked our butts off to get where we are to offer what everyone has been waiting for, our NFT Trader V2 batch swap, launching this Thursday May 27th! Call it what you want, an NFT OTC solution or a direct P2P marketplace, ultimately NFT owners will now be able to swap one to many and many to many of their NFTs, securely and trustlessly.

A few days after the exciting launch of our official Trade Squads utility based NFT collectibles sale, (, our NFT Trader team would like to notify our followers that we are going ahead and continue the development for the most requested functionality feature which we call the Batch Swap! As will be explained below, the owners of Trade Squads NFTs will receive important utility advantages when using this platform.

The community of users emphasized the paramount need to be able to swap many NFTs simultaneously and interoperably. NFT Trader (, in fact, does allow the user to swap securely but…

NFT Trader Will Integrate Chainlink VRF to Assign Provably Rare NFT Properties

We’re happy to announce that NFT Trader will integrate in our future development the Chainlink Verifiable Randomness Function (VRF) to randomly assign rare properties to tradable NFT items within our new gamification system, Trade Squads. Chainlink VRF serves as a secure source of on-chain randomness, which allows anyone to verify that the assignment of these valuable properties was done in an unbiased and tamperproof manner. …

We know that anticipation for our sale has been mounting and before anything we would like to thank everyone for their support as our team has been working hard to make this sale a fun and enjoyable experience! This leads to our exciting announcement that our NFT Trader Squads sale will start on Monday, March 22nd 18 UTC!

Please visit our SALE here:

NFT Trader is a platform which offers NFT owners a trustless, secure, and easy way to interoperably swap NFTs p2p. We have now taken this a step further by gamifying our trading system with the release…

Well it’s a new year and we are excited to see what cool new NFT’s and NFT projects will be coming out! To kick off the new year on our end we would like to introduce the next popular DApp to be integrated and availability of their NFTs to be traded on our platform.

We welcome Axie Infinity! Which is one of the very first popular and still standing NFT based games to come out in the industry. Revolving around a Pokemon-like digital pet universe with focal points on a player-owned economy and play-to-earn gaming model.


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