Further developing and growing NFT Trader for our team has been an exciting journey so far. Yes we admit, there have been some small fires along the way but we extinguished soon after they started because what is most important to us is our users and community members. …

NFT Trader Provisional Roadmap

With the recent release of our V2 protocol we thought it was a good time to return to the topic and offer more details about our NFT Trader Squads NFTs.

As the NFT industry continues to grow and develop the discussion around utility based NFTs are…

A few days after the exciting launch of our official Trade Squads utility based NFT collectibles sale, (https://www.nfttrader.io/tradesquads/marketplace/mint), our NFT Trader team would like to notify our followers that we are going ahead and continue the development for the most requested functionality feature which we call the Batch Swap! …


The P2P Decentralized & Secure Non-fungible Token Trading Platform

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